Why talent is the most important function in your business

Picture a beautiful, newly built house. The walls freshly painted, the floors pristine, a state-of-the-art ring doorbell fixed to the brand-new front door.
But despite how great this house looks at first glance, if the foundations aren’t solid there’s a risk it could all come crashing down.

We truly believe a strong talent function is the best foundation a business can build itself on. Get the foundations right and you’re setting your business up for success.
So how can a great talent team form a strong foundation for your business?

Find talent: A talent team that understands your vision and culture will help you create an employer brand that attracts the right talent. Each new hire you welcome to your business contributes to your culture, business performance, and results. The purpose of your talent team is to make sure you have a strategy in place that makes sure the right people walk through your door.

Alternatively, if you’re just starting out and don’t yet have that brand to lean on, a good talent team can go to where your future stars are to introduce your business and the future it is building. What’s might sound simple on the surface, becomes infinitely more complex when you consider the myriad of social networks, forums, communities and groups where your future talent may be spending their time.

Keep talent: According to a 2022 study by employee experience experts Edenred, 15% of employees who have left their jobs since the great resignation did so because of feeling unmotivated. A further 14% said they left due to feeling overworked, or that management didn’t care about their wellbeing.

Employees that are disengaged and unmotivated are far less likely to stay with your company, costing you time and money to head-hunt top talent or fill high-volume roles while battling to make sure your remaining teams aren’t facing a dip in morale.

A great talent team will put fair and transparent processes in place to ensure your people understand their career paths, are consistently motivated to improve their skills, and are encouraged to take ownership of their development.

They will also ensure that benefits, reward and other motivators are aligned across the business and wider marketplace. You’re a tech company focussing on hiring remote first software devs and asking yourself “Do we reward the same way we always have? Are our benefits suitable?”. A good talent team can answer these questions preemptively to keep you relevant, competitive and constantly moving forward.

Grow talent: Not only can a great talent team help you find the right candidates from the external job market; they can also help you look internally to identify and grow top talent. With robust succession planning in place, turning your eye inward to develop and promote your best people leads to a much more engaged workforce.

What’s more, when your people feel confident, supported, and motivated, they’re far more likely to enthusiastically support your strategy and goals, contributing towards customer satisfaction and business performance in a really meaningful way.

Succession planning should form a core pillar of any business strategy and by having a consistent growth strategy for existing talent, you will be well placed to fill any gaps as they arise with motivated, high-performing talent from day 1.

No talent team? No problem.
We know not all businesses have the luxury of a fully-fledged in-house talent team to make all this happen. That’s where we come in. Get in touch for a no-strings chat about your needs and how we can help

Luke Richardson

A highly experienced recruitment leader with a background in regulated, consumer facing financial organisations, broadcasting and media, tech start-ups and hospitality.

A serial hobbyist, lover of animals and the go-to person when looking for an “out there” idea or solution.
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