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“We see a world where businesses thrive because of their audacious commitment to their people”.

A new way of getting people stuff done.

 The Goal 

Lots of the big players are simply getting it wrong. They’re forgetting real, human people are what makes a business great. With us, you’ll never make that mistake.

In the UK only 23% of startups and businesses manage to grow and scale successfully. And, when you count the big players out, the number becomes almost negligible. A big reason behind this is forgetting real talents behind the scenes. Ultimately, it’s the employees that make or break the growth of a startup.

We are Katie and Luke, Co-Founders of Talent Tent in Cardiff, and we wanted to change that.

Talent Tent born in Wales but serving companies nationally, was born to give startups and SMEs a leg up. We’ll help you build happy, motivated, high-performing teams that drive your business forwards. We will also help you keep them through people focussed HR strategies that ensures that drive remains long into the future.

We love working with companies that are as passionate about people as we are.

 But, why? 

We're people-people.

It’s what makes us tick. And we like people like you. We like how hungry you are to grow and scale. We like that you’re driven and want to succeed, and ultimately do better, together.

And we think you deserve a fair shot at making that happen. And we know that nailing the people side of things will help you get there.

Lots of the big players are simply getting it wrong, They’re forgetting real, human people are what makes a business great. With us, you’ll never make that mistake.

We want to bottle the enthusiasm, drive, and motivation that you have for your business, and help you create a like-minded team that runs on the same high-energy fuel and powers that machine that is your business.

 The problems we solve 

Our company culture is unclear or inconsistent.
In the hustle and bustle of starting a business, defining and maintaining a cohesive culture can take a backseat.
We're unsure how to handle difficult conversations or conflicts within the team.
Addressing issues like underperformance, disciplinary actions, or interpersonal conflicts requires tact and expertise.
We struggle to attract the right talent.
Startups might not have the same reputation or resources as established companies, making it challenging to appeal to top candidates.
We're unsure about compliance and employment laws.
Staying updated with local employment regulations and ensuring compliance can be daunting, especially without a dedicated HR professional.
We don't have a dedicated HR team.
Many startups operate with a lean team, and HR responsibilities often fall on founders or managers with little to no HR experience.
We don't have a structured onboarding process.
New hires can feel lost or overwhelmed if there's no systematic orientation or training in place.

Let’s talk about your people plans.

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