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End-to-end people partnering for businesses with an audacious commitment to their people.
Starting at;
£ 150
Build your company with people at it's core from day 1. Talent Tent won't just be with you for part of the journey, but all of it.
  • Support you to set up as an employer
  • Nail your must-have policies, processes, contracts and documentation
  • Bring the software and tools to streamline your HR
  • Be your partner for any tough moments, inc redundancies and dismissals
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Starting at;
Early stage startup hires will make or break the the company. Hire the people that will make your business thrive with a partner that's always there. 
  • Provide everything from job descriptions to pay benchmarks
  • Advertise, source and attract using innovative methodologies
  • Represent you, as you, to build your employer brand
  • Bunch of roles? We will build and host your own jobs page, included in the price.
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What's it like working with Talent Tent?

We don't want to drown you in detail but we do think it's important you know some of the key highlights of what it would be like, and what you can expect, by working with Talent Tent. 
There is little in running a business that is as important as the people that make the magic happen. That's where we come in. We make sure you're firstly compliant and legal, but also then that the way in which you find and grow your people makes you a real employer of choice. You might be on your own and looking to hire your first person, or already have a small team around you. Here are some of the key things you get by working with Talent Tent.
  • Unlimited support, whenever you need it 
  • End-to-end partnership
  • Flexible contract for those just starting out
  • No hidden costs or sneaky tactics
  • No prioritising of new business over existing relationships

Talent Tent helped us sort everything we needed to hire our first employee and have been supporting our HR and recruitment ever since. The partnership and working with people who just 'get it' has been invaluable to us.

Tom Foulkes

Co-Founder @ Belgrave Wincham



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