3 Powerful Tips to Remember When Attracting Top Talent

Why wouldn’t people want to come and work for us? I just don’t get it? 

Have you ever caught yourself thinking this, waiting for the applications to roll in? 

The truth is..attracting talent is no mean feat. 

And while you think it might be as simple as posting an ad on your careers page, your socials and not forgetting distributing it to every recruitment site on the web – that really is way off the mark.  

The pandemic has caused the dynamic between talent and employers to shift. 

According to Randstad’s 2023 Workmonitor report, a heightened sense of purpose is now guiding people’s career choices and the work that they do. And they’re not settling for less. 

Which means…yep…it’s even more important to make a solid, positive impression from the off. And that ‘off’ starts way before you’ve posted a job advert. 

It starts with a well thought out attraction strategy. 

So with a few tactics, you will be well on your way to finding and securing the best talent for your business. 

But where do you start? 

Your people 

This might seem an obvious one, but your people really are the key to your business success. 

People connect with people, so using your current talent to attract your new talent, really is a no brainer. 

Share their stories, get their perspectives, use their faces. 

The more the better. 

Not only do employee stories give you an advantage as part of your attraction strategy, but it also gives every one of your stakeholders a more rounded view of what you’re about as a business. It’s also an incredibly authentic and personable way to share and connect with your audience. It doesn’t even need to be expensive! A ring light, phone camera and lapel mic would be all you need to create a well-presented employee video where you can share insights and advice on their role and what they do in the company.

Your employees are your biggest brand champions. Full stop. 

Broaden your perspective

Making a great hire isn’t always about finding that perfect-on-paper “shooting star” candidate. Those types of people might burn bright for a short while, but will likely move on, leaving you back where you started.

Instead, think outside the box. Consider applicants that can grow with your business. Candidates that lack specific experience may make up for it with their transferable skills. Be open-minded and pay attention to the people who show genuine curiosity and energy. We are not saying take gambles on your hiring or through your requirements out the window but there is value in hiring potential over perfection. It also creates an intrinsic connection between you and those you hire because they will know you have seen their worth beyond what might be evidenced in experience. Those brand champions we talked about? These hires are a great, right from the start, example of this.

Salary vs Organisational Values 

It might have worked a few years ago, but simply upping a salary to attract new talent is no more. According to Randstad’s latest recruitment report, a considerable number of people (36%) said they would not join an employer whose values didn’t align with theirs. 

So even though salary is still an important factor, an enlightened workforce means candidates are seeking much more than this, and value a strong work life balance, along with an employer that shares similar values. On top of this, if company budgets are feeling the squeeze then making sure values are addressed before moving on to salary increases could save your company money.

Look over the whole package you’re offering, including the culture you’re promoting and really think about how this ties back to who you are as a business. This extends to the suppliers and partners you use to deliver your benefits through to how accessible those benefits actually are.

Explaining that you’re looking for talent which aligns with your company’s purpose and values is worth much more than ping pong tables, ball pits and free pizzas on a Friday. 

Need a hand attracting the right talent?

We can help you there. 

Drop us a line, and let’s see how we can help you. 


Luke Richardson

A highly experienced recruitment leader with a background in regulated, consumer facing financial organisations, broadcasting and media, tech start-ups and hospitality.

A serial hobbyist, lover of animals and the go-to person when looking for an “out there” idea or solution.
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