3 reasons you’re struggling to recruit in 2023…and what you can do about it.

Recruiting talent is hard. 

Recruiting great talent in 2023 is really hard. 

Not to blow our own trumpets, but we’re pretty expert in this field, and over the last few months, we’ve heard more and more companies crying out “I just don’t get it? Why wouldn’t people want to come and work for us?”. 

Well…we’ve got a few answers to that, so here are 3 reasons why you’re struggling to recruit top talent in 2023…and what you can do about it. 

1. The talent pool is smaller 

Staff shortages have made front page headlines in the last few months. 

There are still A LOT of job ads out there, but the truth is, unemployment rates are currently some of the lowest ever seen. 

This means it really is a candidate’s market. They can afford to be picky, and they have choice, because there’s less competition between peers out there. They also know what they want and know their worth more than ever; meaning the good ones won’t be on the market long. 

What can you do about it? 

As a business, you’ll have to work hard to stand out to potential talent, and attract the right people. Take a step back and look over the job ad you’ve put out and answer the following;


    • Are we offering enhanced benefits?

    • Are the benefits we’re offering suitable for the current climate? 

    • Is the salary competitive, and if so are we listing it? 

    • Are we being flexible with remote working options to attract talent further afield? 

According to research from LinkedIn, flexibility is THE most important keyword to attract attention from prospective clients on the platform in 2023. Make sure you’re really detailing what flexibility looks like at your business, and if you need employees to be in the office, give reasons why. 

And don’t forget, there is a cost of living crisis, so money will be increasingly important when making career decisions for everyone. It’s really crucial you’re putting that salary on the job advert!

2. You haven’t nailed your employer brand 

There’s a lot of businesses out there (particularly the larger ones) who are aiming to grow their headcount in 2023. That’s according to research by the REC. But recruiting is expensive. 

And cash isn’t particularly plentiful amongst small businesses at the moment, meaning it’s a struggle to compete against bigger businesses for the best people. Doesn’t seem fair, right? 

What can you do about it? 

Your power is your employer brand. Think about the following; 


    • Are you utilising your current people enough to attract new ones?

    • Do you have a strong purpose, mission and set of values? 

    • And are you doing enough to share these externally to attract potential candidates? 

Think beyond salary, and start to focus on how you’re coming across to attract those who are looking to invest in companies that also invest in them. 

According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, beyond pay, the top five things employees see as “very important” from an employer are:


    • Positive culture (46%)

    • Mental health/wellbeing benefits (42%)

    • A sense of purpose/meaning (40%)

    • Flexible work hours (38%)

So shout these from the rooftops to make sure you’re being seen, and considered by potential top talent. 

3. There’s a growing skills gap

In August last year, the FSB found a whopping 80% of small businesses faced issues recruiting candidates with suitable skills compared to the previous year. 

This has landed small businesses in a pickle, as they need talent to plug the gaps in their businesses, but it’s draining resources, costs and time trying to find suitable candidates. 

Not only is the talent pool drying up, but there are less people out there with the soft-skills needed to fill the roles you’re recruiting for. Hmmmm. Seems like a lose-lose situation…right? 

What can you do about it? 

Invest in your current people. And no, we don’t just mean enhancing the L&D offerings across the board. 

Focus on who you currently have in your company that would make suitable candidates for the jobs you’re looking to recruit, and who demonstrate some top notch soft skills. AKA upskilling. 

According to Pearson’s Power Skills Report, The top 5 Power Skills that employers are seeking today are:


    • Communication

    • Customer Service 

    • Leadership 

    • Attention to detail 

    • Collaboration 

So take advantage of the amazing talent pool you have internally, and teach your people the hard skills needed to succeed in the role. 

This is a great way to cut the costs of external recruitment and make sure your current employees feel you care, value them and are willing to invest in them as people.


Recruitment is constantly changing, because, guess what? The skills needed at one time and what candidates want is always evolving. See this as a guide to rejuvenating the way you recruit, and what you might be doing wrong from the get go. Because let’s face it, even if you think you have the perfect company and the perfect job to boot,  persuading the right people to apply can be a huge challenge. 

Want to back this up? Check out our blog on 5 of the best data sources to make sure your 2023 strategy is led by data. 

Luke Richardson

A highly experienced recruitment leader with a background in regulated, consumer facing financial organisations, broadcasting and media, tech start-ups and hospitality.

A serial hobbyist, lover of animals and the go-to person when looking for an “out there” idea or solution.
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